This is a Pregnancy scare. (Aka:It ain’t for reals, yo.) || Jin & Ayame

Ayame was two weeks late. Not for some sort of medical essay, or some other sort of deadline. Her period was late. At first, Ayame wasn’t concerned. After all, her menstrual cycle wasn’t known for being the most regular, however, when  the full realization of what had happened a few weeks earlier with Jin hit, Ayame became increasingly worried.

Tea had tasted differently recently, and she had found herself feeling indifferent towards sweets. She had felt nauseated the past week, and now, she honestly felt that there was a possibility she was pregnant. Of course, Ayame knew this could all be some cruel trick her brain was playing. After all, it was highly, highly unlikely she even had the capability to become pregnant. After having become so close to Jin, this very well could have been her odd, possibly fearful reaction to it.

The week before, Ayame had sent a note to Jin, apologizing for not having seen him, and requesting that he come over to Konohana. After all, she honestly felt as though she had been avoiding him… Today was the day they had decided they would meet. Her letter had been incredibly vague with the exception of the date that they should see each other again, and she was holding her breath out of panic and anticipation to discuss the current matter with him.